09 May 2008

The Right to Abort Shouldn't End At Birth

This week I'm going to use a lot of sarcasm. I want to make it very clear that I'm being sarcastic so that I'm not misinterpreted. Abortion is a painfully serious topic, and I hope that with my sarcasm, I can shock pro-choicers into seeing how evil it really is. I believe that all forms of murder are wrong; from abortion to euthanasia.

Now that the straight talk is over, on with the sarcasm.

If we're going to have abortion, we should have it all the way. The right to abortion shouldn't end with the birth of the child but with the death of the mother.

Here's an example: If a 65 year old man wants to put his 90 year old mother in a nursing home but she wants to stay living in her house, she should have the right to abort him. No lawyers or courts should get involved. The woman should just have to sign a paper, and her son should be killed immediately.

This, of course, should be carried out by private agencies that are entirely funded by the government. There will be good money to be made by these agencies. If the son finds out about the abortion and runs, the police must get involved. No expense should be spared to being this criminal to justice.

The son shouldn't be killed painlessly. Like abortion, he should be killed with as much pain as possible. The best way would be to rip off all his limbs and let him die in agony in a puddle of his own blood on the floor. Another good method would be to immerse him into a caustic solution such as one with a high concentration of carbamide. His head should be immersed enough to really burn his eyes and lungs, but care must be taken not to drown him. We don't want the torture to be over too quickly. The solution would have to be more concentrated than what's used to kill babies; otherwise it would just take too long to kill him. We don't want to be inhumane. If the mother wants to be even more humane, she could have the base of his skull gouged with a pair of scissors and his brains sucked out. This method is very popular among pro-choicers.

Obviously there shouldn't be a funeral. The pieces of his body should be thrown in a dumpster and taken to the landfill.

This could get a little complicated. Suppose a mother want to abort her daughter but the grandmother doesn't want her to because she likes her granddaughter. Naturally both should be killed, but to be fair, a little euthanasia should be thrown in and the grandmother should also be killed. The more death, the better; at least that's what the pro-choice movement believes.

Sarcasm aside, abortion is not only murder; it's cruel and unusual punishment on an innocent victim. Stop the pain! Stop the death! Stop abortion!

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On March 31, at approximately 9:05 am, after almost 14 days without nutrition or hydration, Terri Schindler Schiavo dies from severe dehydration. This keeps going on today. It must be stopped along with abortion.