19 July 2008

The Missing Links

Last Tuesday I saw EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, which I promoted with RJ's Featured Link on May 23, 2008. It was a good movie, although a little over done. I doubt any evolutionist would take it seriously. It spent too much time presenting how Hitler used evolution to justify his brutal plan for world domination with eugenics, and didn't say anything about how Stalin and Marx did the same thing. It also didn't say anything about the biggest hole in the theory of evolution: the missing link.

The young people of today are so ingrained with the idea that the theory of evolution is not a hypothesis but a fact that most have never even heard of the term missing link. When I was young, the missing link was commonly acknowledged. It was a good joke to call someone the missing link. I even remember a cartoon in the newspaper about a cave man eating the last "link." However, even back then it wasn't fully understood that there was not just one missing link, but many missing links.

The theory of evolution suggests that one species evolve slowly over millions of years into a new species. This slow evolution would require hundreds, if not thousands, of transitional forms of life in between these different species. Each species of creature throughout history would require these transitional forms of life, which would trace themselves back to the mysterious single celled origins of life. This would mean that there would have to be billions and billions of these transitional forms of life.

Darwin himself acknowledged this, and predicted that future scientists would find fossils of these transitional forms of life. It's been 150 years now, and not a single fossil of transitional form of life has been found. All of the fossils that have been found show that all creatures living on this planet, or have lived on this planet, were formed with almost no change since their creation. Hundreds of scientists and university professors actually admit this, but few talks about it:
"The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology." - Professor Steven J. Gould, Harvard University

"I will lay it on the line - there is not one such fossil for which one could make a watertight argument." - Dr. Colin Patterson, British Museum of Natural History

"It is a mistake to believe that even one fossil species. can be demonstrated to have been ancestral to another." - Dr. Gareth J. Nelson, American Museum of Natural History

These transitional forms of life are called links, and the fact that there is no fossilised record of them means they are missing, hence the term missing links. EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed is a good movie, but it could have been much better by pointing out the biggest fault in the theory of evolution: the missing links.