08 June 2009

Pro-Life Means Pro-LIFE

I've been following the George Tiller story, and there's one thing I just don't understand: Why are so many pro-abortion advocates drawing a connection between this killing and the pro-life movement? Anyone with any acquaintance with the pro-life movement will know the aim of this movement is the protection of life from conception to natural death. This means that the pro-life movement entails a lot more than just an anti-abortion agenda. The agenda also includes being anti-euthanasia, anti-human cloning, anti-human embryonic stem cells research and anti-death penalty (It should also include being anti-contraception, but I'm not going to debate that right now).

George Tiller did not die a natural death; therefore, the person responsible for his death is not pro-life. In case any pro-abortion advocates miss this, I'll say it again. The person responsible for George Tiller's death is not pro-life. It is a contradiction to say that a murderer is pro-life. The issue gets a little fuzzy with the just war theory and with self-defence, but in this case, the issue is clear: it was wrong for George Tiller's killer to take Dr. Tiller's life.

Over and over again, pro-life groups have been denouncing Dr. Tiller's killing and demonstrating they had no involvement, but they really shouldn't have to. When a drug lord is murdered, anti-drug advocates don't have to denounce the killing or prove their innocence to the media. Why are pro-life groups not given the same courtesy?

The man arrested and charged with Dr. Tiller's killing, Scott Roeder, has no connection to any legitimate pro-life organisation. His family members, however, say he does suffer from a mental illness. Why doesn't the media and pro-abortion advocates attack the mentally ill? We (that's right, I have a mental illness) usually don't kill anyone, but, unfortunately, that's not always the case. Pro-life advocates, on the other hand, never kill anyone, if they do, they are no longer pro-life advocates.

It is a sad fact that some mentally ill persons succeed in killing people, most commonly themselves. It is an even sadder fact that far more people are killed through abortion than through mental illness. For the most part, people involved with abortion don't fully realise that a person is being killed. If they did, only a few mentally ill persons or the most callous of people could actually go through with it. Many times the after affects of abortion induce mental illness, sometimes resulting in suicide.

The death of babies and the suicides over their deaths are what the pro-life movement is trying to prevent. Murdering an abortionist will not achieve this goal. Even though the facts prove otherwise, it seems that George Tiller is becoming a martyr for the pro-abortion cause. People believe the lie that "it's not really a baby," so they're likely to believe the lie that the pro-life movement killed George Tiller.