08 July 2009

Scientists Create Human Sperm From Embryonic Stem Cells

On June 18, 2008, I left the following comment on Doug and Adele's blog Journey to Therese:
Men are only a temporary necessity until women have a better technology. In the future, women will be able to clone themselves with the DNA of another woman's egg. They'll both have the the X chromosomes so there won't be any more men. Face it, women will win the battle of the sexes!

I first heard of such an idea when I was in high School (last year was my 20 year reunion). LifeNews.com reports today that we're one step closer to making this science fiction a reality.

It seems that scientists have created a human sperm using embryonic stem cells. Of course the embryonic stem cells came from an aborted child that was created with a naturally occurring sperm. However, if a number of sperm were created from one aborted child all of them could be used to fertilise a number of eggs in vitro. Once these children are implanted in to a woman, the most viable one or two could be left to live while the rest are all aborted to make more sperm. Do this over and over again and there will be no more need for men. The battle of the sexes would be over.

More seriously, judging by all the cloning results so far, if a child is ever brought to term using this method, he will have too many birth defects to live very long. Why do scientists want to cause so much unnecessary suffering and death?