14 August 2009

Obama is good for America

I really didn't think Barack Obama would become President of the United States of America. I didn't think Americans would be so foolish. In particular, I thought  Catholic Americans would listen to their bishops who did everything they could to say not to vote for Obama without crossing the line of actually saying who to vote or not vote for. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Many of these "Catholics" don't even know who their bishop is (if you do go to Mass, the name of your bishop gets mentioned in the Eucharistic Prayer).

I thought the day Obama was elected president was a very black day in American history; however, I've since changed my mind. According to recent polling data, Obama has had a very positive effect on Americans. It seems that Obama's radical anti-life stance on a number of issues has wakened up sleeping Americans to these issues. What they really didn't have an opinion on before, they are now forming an opinion, and that opinion is turning out to be pro-life.

Obama is doing a great job of showing what evil is possible within American borders, and the American public is taking note. The only problem is they have to wait a little more than three years before they can do anything about it.

I hope Sarah Palin runs for president in 2012.