07 February 2010

What are you for or against?

How can a person be taken seriously on an issue when he is too afraid to say what he is actually taking a stand for or against? Compare these two ads:

If I was is favour of something evil, I wouldn't want to tell anyone what that actual evil was either.

In case you didn't understand the first ad, Olympic Gold Medalist Al Joyner and former NFL football player Sean James are responding (can you call it responding when they haven't see what they're "responding" to?) to the Pam and Tim Tebow ad that ran during the Super Bowl. If you followed the FocusOnTheFamily.com link at the end of the ad, you'd see all the information that couldn't be put in a 30 second ad. The ad with Al Joyner and Sean James does not give a link, just the name "Planned Parenthood." The name "Planned Parenthood" sounds nice, but they are the largest abortion provider in the U.S., and their parent organization, International Planned Parenthood Federation, is the largest abortion provider in the world.

Since the ad was too afraid to give any links, here they are:

BTW: So you don't get confused, "reproduction health" is the code word for "abortion."  And, if you don't know what abortion is, it's when a baby is murdered in his mother's womb before he's born.

The story about the Planned Parenthood ad can be found here: