31 March 2010

Pope Benedict's Sex Abuse Scandal

If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you. (John 15:18-19)

The sex abuse scandal the pope has found himself in does not surprise me; in fact, I've come to expect things like this. This is a satanic attack, but not against the pope. It is an attack against at least 70% of Catholics, and more likely, more than 80% of Catholics, not to mention the many people that knowingly or unknowingly wish to be Catholic.

Very few people get their news from reliable sources. Most put their trust in the mass media, which is unapologetically  anti-Catholic. Even the majority of people in the mass media that claim to be Catholic give an anti-Catholic slant to the news. An example of this is the use of the terms Anti-Choice, or Anti-Abortion, or the new one, Abortion Rights Opponent for the correct term Pro-Life. Another example is who they choose to quote as authentic Catholic experts, who usually turn out to be major Catholic dissenters like Fr. Richard McBrien. Since this is where most people get their news, including the vast majority of Catholics, they're quite likely to believe this anti-Catholic propaganda.

It's also no coincidence  that the mass media is bringing this story out at this particular time of year. It's that time of year when some, among the 70% of Catholic that do not regularly attend Mass, are deciding if they're going to go to Mass for Easter. With the recent reports in the news about the pope, maybe they won't go to Mass this year, maybe never again.

What about the 30% that do regularly attend Mass? Well, it seems that less than 20% of Catholics practice the Faith in its entirety, most notably on the major issue of contraception (Remember the term intrinsically evil?). This means that at least a third of Catholics that regularly attend Mass don't actually believe everything the Church teaches. With the recent reports in the news about the pope, maybe they'll stop believing more of what the Church teaches.

The Catholic Church is the voice of God in the world. The only way to God is through the Catholic Church. Hence, everyone knowingly or unknowingly wants to be Catholic. The majority of people are not Catholic. With the recent reports in the news about the pope, maybe they'll never become Catholic. (Note: you don't have to be Catholic to go to heaven, but once you're in heaven, you'll be Catholic.)

What about the pope? He's probably not the least bit concerned about his good reputation, which is extremely good. His biggest concern is likely the three groups of people mentioned above.

What about the mass media? They've succeeded! When the truth becomes too obvious, they'll simply quit reporting on this issue. They will offer no apology, and they will not run stories that contradict what they are now reporting. They will leave the general public to continue to doubt the pope's character, and since the majority of the general public only gets its news from the mass media, the truth will likely never reach the majority of the general public.

What am I going to do? I'm going to go back to only reading reliable news sources. A while ago, I started reading news from the mass media, but I'm too disgusted with it now. When a major event happens that I need to pray about, the pope will publicly pray about it. When he does, reliable new sources will report on it, and when they do, I'll hear about it.

What do I suggest you do? Seek out reliable news sources that are not intent on slandering Christ's Church. I also recommend going to Mass this Easter whether you're Catholic or not.