27 January 2011

38th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade

I'm a few days late on this one. I wanted to comment on this on Sunday, but I was trying to get a new parish website up and running and prepare a slideshow for RCIA, so I wasn't able to do much but save this quote:
"Today marks the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that protects women’s health and reproductive freedom, and affirms a fundamental principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters."

- President Barack Obama

Let's follow this a little further. If it's a fundamental principle that government should not intrude on private family matters than infanticide (Obama opposed legislation to protect against this) should be made legal. Well we're at it, all forms of murder within the privacy of the family should be made legal. If your parents aren't dying fast enough and  are spending your inheritance, the government shouldn't intrude on your private family matter and stop you from killing your parents.

How about sexual abuse. The largest percentage of sexual abuse takes place privately in the family, so the government shouldn't intrude on a private family matter and try to stop it.

I guess the same can be said for any type of abuse in the family.

This is all ridiculous. Abortion is not a private family matter. Abortion is murder and it affects all of society.

Abortion is not part of women's health, but just the opposite. It is harmful to women and lethal to children.

Abortion is not reproductive freedom, but just the opposite. It is reproductive suppression.

Abortion in every circumstance is evil and anyone that supports it is supporting evil.