08 January 2011

Hundreds of Muslims act as "human shields"

The following quote comes from the CatholicCulture.org article "Copts celebrate Christmas amid tight security; 'human shields.'"

Hundreds of Muslims-- including two sons of Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak-- stood around Coptic churches to act as "human shields," protecting against attacks. Mohamed el Sawy, a wealthy art dealer who organized the effort, explained that the terrorist attacks on Christians were an affront to all Egyptians. "We either live together or we die together," he said.

This is why I defend Muslims when they are unjustly persecuted and criticize scholars that don't portray Islam honestly.

I believe that if a Muslim embarks on an open and honest discussion on religion with a Christian, he will convert to Christianity at least to some degree. If the Christian speaks untruths about Islam, the Muslim will embrace Islam even firmer. It appears to me the the pope believes the same.