19 March 2011

Graphic Images of Aborted Babies

This is an open letter to his grace, Rev. Richard Smith, Archbishop of Edmonton.

Your Grace,

I appreciated your clarification about the Alberta bishops' stance on the public display of graphic images of aborted babies on your March 9th post on your blog. As soon as I read it, I put it on my RSS feed External Webpages that RJ Likes. I believe these images have their place, but that place is not where the general public will indiscriminately see them.

I know that Priests for Life have graphic images on their website, but these images are preceded by a warning so that those that are too young or too sensitive can avoid seeing them. Such warnings are not possible when demonstrators have such images on signs that they carry in public. The Alberta bishops are fully justified for distancing themselves from such demonstrators, and I am grateful for your leadership on this issue.

I was very disappointed when I read how this leadership was reported on LifeSiteNews more than a week later. LifeSiteNews did only report the facts; however, they also provided your e-mail address and the addresses of the other Albertan bishops along with a link to a webpage describing how to write an e-mail or letter to, more or less, influence a person's actions.

I was disappointed that only the bishops' e-mail addresses were given, and not the addresses of the March for Life organizers.

I fully support your efforts to persuade pro-life demonstrators not to use these images in public, and I am disappointed that LifeSiteNews did not represent your cause.

As always, I will continue to pray daily for you and your intentions.

Your in Christ,
R. J. Grigaitis, sfo