19 October 2011

Powerlifters Should Translate the Bible

This summer I got real serious about powerlifting. One of the things I did was read the Technical Rules of the International Powerlifting Federation. As soon as I began to read it, I was greatly impressed. This is what it says in the very beginning:
Throughout this rule book, for reasons of brevity, wherever the words “he” or “his” occur, such reference is deemed to apply to either sex.

I wish Bible translators had this much sense!

I've written before how so-called "inclusive language" is really exclusive language, and that replacing the Bible's truly inclusive language with so-called "inclusive language" introduces doctrinal and theological problems. It's nice to see that powerlifters are more sensible than some modern Bible translators.

By the way, I've just created a new blog on my website dedicated to powerlifting.