16 November 2011

Merry Christ Mass

I just got back from the gym, and as I was driving home, I noticed some men putting up Christmas decorations on the street lights.

Wait a minute... That's not politically correct. I mean "holiday decorations." No, that doesn't work. Everyone knows that the holiday is Christmas. Most people also know that the word holiday means "holy day;" that is, a feast in the liturgical calendar.

How about "season's decorations." No, that doesn't work either. Everyone knows that the season is the Christmas Season. Many even know that it's first the Advent Season followed by the Christmas Season. Again, they're seasons in the liturgical calendar.

We have to get rid of the word "Christmas." How about simply "Χ-mas decorations." This one works! Hardly anyone knows what it means. Of course, that's a little deceitful. The "mas" in "Χ-mas" means Mass, which is the Eucharistic celebration of catholics. As well, that's an "Χ," not an "X." "Χ" is not the 24th letter of the English Alphabet, but the 22nd letter of the Greek Alphabet. By itself, it stands for Χριστος (Christos), which is Greek for "Christ."

I guess we can't get around it. They really are "Christmas decorations."

Merry Christ Mass
You've probably figured out that something snapped in me again, just like it did two years ago when I saw this great big lit up sign in my hometown that said, "Season's Greetings." Immediately the design for the button to the left came into my mind. It's not "Season's Greetings," but "Merry Christmas." And, Christmas is short for "Christ's Mass" or "Christ Mass." We celebrate the coming of Christ with Mass. Click on the image to get your own "Merry Christ Mass" button.