06 December 2011

Catholic Spouse = No Heir

I just thought of something a few days ago concerning the news that the English Monarch can now marry a Catholic: such a marriage cannot produce an heir to the English Crown. When a Catholic marries a non-Catholic, whether in a Catholic Church or if a dispensation was granted to marry in another church, the non-Catholic party has to agree to baptize and raise their children in the Catholic Church (Code of Canon Law 1125) . Obviously, an English Monarch cannot be Catholic as being the English Monarch entails being the head of the Church of England. Thus, if the children of the English Monarch are all Catholic, none of them can be an heir to the Crown.

I'm sure that such a situation would not be allowed; therefore, the English Monarch cannot marry a Catholic unless that person denies her faith and raises her children outside the Catholic Faith. Hence, the reform of the Act of Settlement has no effect.