16 December 2011

Government Protects Child Rapists

There have been a few cases of Catholic priests that have raped children. The key word here is few. The victims of the majority of sex abuse cases involving Catholic priests have  been adults. However, the media focuses on the child rape cases, and, more especially, the cases that bishops have tried to cover up.

What does the Catholic Church do about this? Root out sexual predators from among the clergy, and remove bishops that try to cover up these scandals.

The vast majority of child rape cases do not have Catholic priests as perpetrators; however, when Planned Parenthood discovers such cases, they turn a blind eye after further violating the victim by performing an abortion on her child.

What does the government do about this? Shred incriminating documents and give them more tax dollars.

Who is doing the right thing, the Catholic Church or the government? And, why is the media slow to report this, if it reports it at all?