04 December 2011

The Music Kids Listen To

When I was young, I couldn't understand why adults couldn't appreciate all the music I listened to. I listened to a wide variety of music, and most adults could appreciate at least some of it. However, I figured I would never put down the music that my kids listen to. I would see the beauty in all of it.

I was partly right and partly wrong.

This last summer I went to my god-daughter's wedding, and a lot of the "music" at the dance was garbage. I couldn't tell one song from the other, let alone one group from the other. This is where I was partly wrong: I just can't appreciate some of the music that kids listen to today, and, if you missed it, I just put it down when I called it "garbage."

I was, however, partly right because my kids don't listen to that kind of music! In fact, this last Friday night, they went to a dance, and after the 15 minutes of swing dancing was over, which they had to patiently wait for, they called it a night. The best part was when they were telling me about the dance yesterday, they referred to the "music" I can't appreciate as "boom, boom, boom" music.

"Boom, boom, boom" music is the perfect name for this "music." I guess it is "music," but all you here is, "boom, boom, boom."