27 January 2012

False Irenicism

The following quote of Pope Benedict XVI come from the story The Renewal Of Faith Must Be A Priority For Church Today on today's Vatican Information Service:

Today we see the many good fruits that have emerged from ecumenical dialogue. Yet we must also recognise that the risks of indifference and of false Irenicism, completely alien to the mindset of Vatican Council II, require us to be vigilant. Such indifference is caused by the increasingly widespread opinion that truth is not accessible to man and that, therefore, we must limit ourselves to finding rules to improve this world. In this scenario, faith comes to be replaced by a shallow-rooted moralism. By contrast, the core of true ecumenism is faith, in which man encounters the truth revealed in the Word of God. Without faith the entire ecumenical movement would be reduced to a kind of 'social contract' to which we adhere out of shared interests. The logic of Vatican Council II was quite different, [holding that] the sincere search for the full unity of all Christians is a dynamic process animated by the Word of God.
I had to look the word Irenicism in the dictionary:
irenic |īˈrenik; īˈrē-| (also eirenic)
adjective formal
aiming or aimed at peace.

noun ( irenics)
a part of Christian theology concerned with reconciling different denominations and sects.

irenical adjective
irenically |-ik(ə)lē| adverb
irenicism |-niˌsizəm| noun

ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Greek eirēnikos, from eirēnē ‘peace.’