20 March 2012

44,000 Abortion Survivors in the U.S.

I just read the review on October Baby from LifeNews.com, and I was shocked to learn that there are around 44,000 abortion survivors in the United States alone. This number was obtained from a post on the RealChoice blog by Christina Dunigan. Of course, an accurate number would be hard to obtain as it's not in the interests of those supporting abortion (this includes the U.S. government) to keep records of the number of "failed abortions."

These are the stories that we need to hear. The stories of "clumps of cells" that can tell us how abortion affected their lives. Imagine how you would feel if someone tried to kill you before you were born. Imagine how you would feel if you had major physical disabilities because of the attempt on your life before you were born. We don't have to imagine. We can ask them, and these "clumps of cells" can give an answer.