09 April 2012

Stocking the College with Conservatives

Lisa Graas posted something a couple days ago that I almost commented on, but I was too embarrassed to express publicly how I really feel. After a couple days of thought, I've decided that I'm confident enough in my masculinity to express these feelings (or maybe my inhibitions are down because I can't sleep and it's past midnight). Lisa said "that [she] want[s] a Cardinal Dolan teddy bear that [she] can hug every time he does something awesome." Well, I feel the same way about the Archbishop of Toronto, Thomas Cardinal Collins.

I have a number of personal letters from him that I've kept from when he was Archbishop of Edmonton and one as Archbishop of Toronto. I have a copy of the three pastoral letters he wrote as Archbishop of Edmonton on my bookshelf; the one, The Eucharist: "It is the Lord!, I've read a number of times.

I've prayed that he would be made a cardinal for a number of years. First, because I thought it would be best for the Church. And second, if you pray for something that's going to for sure happen, your prayer will be answered exactly how you want it to.

It bothered me a great deal every time people said that he made such and such a decision to further his career or advancement in the Church. I am quite confident he made these decisions because the Holy Spirit led him to believe that such decisions were best for the Church.

When it was announced on TV that Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger was elected pope, Archbishop Collins jumped out of his chair in excitement. Why was he so excited? I'm guessing he believe it would be best for the Church.

Now people are complaining that Pope Benedict XVI is stocking the College of Cardinals with conservatives. Why is he doing this? I'm guessing he believes it would be best for the Church. I mean, what else is he supposed to do, stock the College of Cardinals with men that will harm the Church?

Obviously, there are not as many cardinals intent on harming the Church as many "conservatives" thought. After all, they elected Cardinal Ratzinger as pope, didn't they?

What are the pope and the college of cardinals going to do in the future? I am quite confident they will make decisions led by the Holy Spirit that will be best for the Church.