13 March 2013

White Smoke

I was planning on writing a blog post today about my hopes for the Church and the papacy. Not much point now since I’m glued to the live feed from the Vatican’s YouTube channel to see what all the white smoke is about.

I was going to sarcastically explain how the media doesn’t have a clue and how the use of the terms liberal and conservative are quite WRONG in this context. The correct terms are orthodox and unorthodox, and if you think that unorthodox might be good, or even possible, the only two options with unorthodox are heterodox and heretical. And, by the way, one of the main reasons for the papacy is to maintain orthodoxy, which has happened for the last 2000 years despite some men becoming pope that weren’t planning on doing that at first.

It would be kind of cool if we got a pope just like what the media wants along with some of the Catholics that cannot actually receive Communion (this is estimated at around 90% in North America). Such a man would be such a good example of Papal Infallibility as he wouldn’t be able to do any of this things that the media and the above mention Catholics would hope he would do. However, since God is not as sarcastic as I am, this isn’t going to happen.

The curtains opened. I better make it quick:

Raymond Cardinal Burke

Name: Pope John XXIV of maybe Pope Francis I

Motto: "Fiat", or even better "Facite"


Well, I didn't get Burke, but I did get Francis. I thought I'd publish the first part of a letter that I sent to His Eminence, Raymond Cardinal Burke, on February 26, 2013:
Your Eminence,

I do hope you receive this letter before you enter the conclave. I just wanted to express my thanks to you and what you have done for the Church. I have full confidence in you and in the other cardinals in discerning God’s Will for the Church, and I pray that this is so.

I do not in anyway want to project my desires upon the conclave, but I would like to express what I see for the Church; although, I humbly admit that this may be more wishful thinking than prophecy. I believe the next pope will be very Marian and very Franciscan.

Of course, all the popes that I know of in the past century have been very Marian, but I believe the next one will be even more so.

As to the next pope being Franciscan, there are a few cardinals with O.F.M. behind their names, but I’m thinking of the spirituality and theology and not just religious order. This means, perhaps, it could be you.

With the above two wishes, I hope for the solemn papal definition of the Fifth Marian Dogma of Our Lady as Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of All Graces, and Advocate. I also hope for the canonization of Blessed John Duns Scotus.


The blog post I was originally planning on writing today was just going to expand and explain the above hopes I expressed to His Eminence. Like I said, not much point now, as I spent all my time watching the Vatican’s YouTube channel and the posts my friends on Facebook made so I didn't really have any time to write.

He may be a Jesuit, but I'm quite happy with the name he chose. Now I'm just waiting for his motto. Everything that Wikipedia says seems very encouraging, but that's no surprise. As soon as I heard he was from Argentina, the first thing that came to mind was another Argentinian bishop: Most Reverend Juan Rodolfo Laise, Bishop Emeritus of San Luis. Perhaps we might expect another liturgical indult to expire sometime soon.

Another Addendum:

It seems, in a way, I also got John XXIV since St. Francis of Assisi was baptized Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone. This is why I thought of the name John since I really didn't think any pope would chose the name Francis. That and Bl. John XXIII was a Franciscan and I really like the number 24. Not to mention my devotion to another Franciscan: Blessed John Duns Scotus. Actually, I was just praying for a very Marian Franciscan pope, I never expected the name John or Francis. I never really expected Cardinal Burke either, but I thought he'd be a good choice.