03 April 2013

I Support Gay Marriage

You read that headline correctly. I support gay marriage. I believe all marriages should be gay at times. I also believe that redefining words is a tool used by the Evil One to push his evil agenda.

You can ask pretty much anyone that knows me to find out that I am quite often very gay. However, you will also find out that I have never had any homosexual inclinations. You see, until recently, the word gay had a very different definition than what is currently being applied to it today. This has impoverished our language as we now have no word to express the reality of gaiety. Instead, we are left with a word defining a scientific impossibility.

Note that I said, “that I have never had any homosexual inclinations,” and not, “that I have never been a homosexual.” It is scientifically impossible for a human to be homosexual because humans reproduce heterosexually. It appears, at least in the United States of America, that less than 2% of the population suffers from disorders that cause them to have homosexual inclinations. They are heterosexual, but they have homosexual inclinations. This is why the new definition that has been given to the word gay is absurd as it defines someone as being homosexual, which is biologically impossible.

What is even more unfortunate than this abuse of language is the lack of compassion for persons suffering with these disorders. Since I have suffered a great deal from mental and emotional disorders, I have a great deal of compassion for other persons suffering from all disorders affecting the mind.

I must clarify that the way I am using the word disorder does not define homosexual inclinations as a distinct disorder themselves, but a symptom of a variety of disorders. As well, there have only been four humans that did not have any disorders. Two later developed disorders, One was Divine and one was the mother of the Divine One.

Like many such disorders, disorders that cause homosexual inclinations also cause a number of other distressing symptoms, such as depression, low self esteem, and very often suicidal tendencies. All of which I have experienced. With the addition of homosexual inclinations, however, these symptoms take on a even greater feeling of shame due to the essential nature of sexuality to the human person.

It is beyond my comprehension why anyone would want to condemn a person suffering in such a way to remain in his suffering. It is even more incomprehensible to me why some governments would impose laws inhibiting or restricting anyone from helping people who suffer in such a way. And, it shows a complete lack of competence for any government to legally force any agency that cares for children to place such children in the custody of a couple suffering from such disorders when it is almost ten times more likely that these children will be sexually abused. In such cases, these governments are accomplices in these grave crimes against children.

With all the biological, psychiatric and statistical evidence, why is there such a big push to change the definition of the word marriage? (Remember that like the word gay, a new definition can be given to a word, but it does not in anyway change the reality that the word originally represents.) There are many reasons that can be given, but as with all evil, there is only one reason. There is a person that hates, and will do whatever he (this pronoun is used in its neutered form as this person is not sexual) can to cause others to hate.

If you’ve guessed that I am referring to a religious reason you would be correct. However, realistically speaking, there is not a single question that does not have religious implications. And, since the religious reality of man is the only thing that matters, this is the most important aspect. The biological, psychiatric and statistical evidence of the natural sciences are useful when dealing with persons without faith; however, when discussing this with persons of faith, the underlying theological bases that all these other sciences point to must also be understood.

Why has the Evil One specifically targeted marriage? It is quite obvious. Sexuality is essential to the human person. Not only is it the most basic way God has revealed Himself to us as an icon of Himself and our relationship with Him, it is intrinsically connected with how God unites Himself with His creation. This is why the Evil One attacked marriage when he first deceived man and woman, and more specifically, why he went directly to the woman.

All of this would take a great deal to unpack, and, in fact, Bl. Pope John Paul II spent the first five years of his pontificate unpacking these truths. Since he explained it far better than I ever could, I will only focus on one aspect: the intrinsic connection between the Sacrament of Marriage and the Sacrament of Eucharist.

Marriage is an icon of the Trinity and our relationship with God, which is most fully expressed in the Incarnation and in the Eucharist. In contrast, acts that mimic sexuality, such as all homosexual acts, masturbation and contraception, are all icons of Satan’s sterile attempt to mimic God and our sterile relationship with Satan. In essence, they can all be described as satanic sacraments that directly contradict the Eucharist in the same way that they contradict marriage.

The Eucharist is the source and summit of the life and mission of the Church. As such, our understanding of It is a major focus of attack by the Evil One, and he has been quite successful. A full understanding of the Eucharist cannot be had without a full understanding of marriage. Hence, by confusing the understanding of marriage, he will have even greater success in attacking the understanding of the Eucharist. An easy way to confuse the understanding of something is to redefine the word used to repersent it. This is why there is such a big push to redefine the definition of the word marriage.

We can only assume that those being used by the Evil One in his evil agenda are completely unaware that they are being used. To assume anything else leaves us with a very disturbing conclusion. We can only judge actions, we cannot judge persons or motives; therefore, we must assume ignorance on the part of those complying in this evil agenda, particularly those that identify themselves as Christians.

Almost everyone that gives any support or acceptance to so-called same-sex “marriage” or any homosexual acts does so for what they think is a motive of love. But since homosexual acts are acts of use, which is the very opposite of love, they have been very much deceived by the Evil One, whose only agenda is hate.

All of these persons are loved by God, Who compels us to love them as well. These persons are not evil, they are good. However, they have been deceived by the Evil One, and it is our duty to help them out of their ignorance so that they do not have to continue in the evil they are enduring in this life for eternity.