08 August 2013

Severe and Debilitating Condition

Please pray for me. I have a very severe and debilitating condition. It seems both of my parents are carriers of a hereditary disorder, which was passed on to me when I was conceived, called original sin. The stain of this disorder was corrected 21 days after I was born with a procedure called baptism. However, the fallen nature of this disorder remained, even after this cleansing and life giving procedure.

It has been difficult living with this condition. I have tried many different remedies, but nothing works. I have found one treatment that does manage the symptoms quite well though. I receive life giving medicine everyday called Eucharist, and I undergo another cleansing procedure every week called Confession and Absolution. This doesn’t prevent future symptoms, but it does lessen them a great deal and helps heal the injury of past symptoms.

There is a cure, and the Doctor that prescribe the above remedies is taking very good care of me and is very hopeful for a complete healing. It does involve dying: first a dying to self, and then bodily death.

It will take time for this to happen, but I’m (a) patient. I can’t imagine what it will be like living without this condition. I get very excited thinking about it.

This condition is very common. In fact, only two humans have been conceived without it; however One of them was not technically a conception in the strictest sense, but an incarnation. There were also two other humans that didn’t originally have this condition, but they were not conceived and they eventually developed it.

Please pray for me. Pray that this condition be healed.
Praise be to Thee my Lord for our sister bodily death from whom no living man can flee; woe them who die in mortal sin but blessed they who shall be found in Thy most holy will, to them the second death can do no harm.