30 September 2013

Power of a Woman

Woman is the most powerful creature, much more powerful than man. This is even demonstrated in the way woman was created. Man was created from the dust of the earth. He is connected with the land; with work and toil. This is also how all of the animals were created; thus man is more closely connected to the animals than woman is. Woman was created out of the side of man; out of relationship. She was begotten, one could say, from man.

It is in relationships that we find meaning and power. The word person itself is defined by relationship and communion. This is why we say there are Three Persons in the Holy Trinity.

The Son was begotten of the Father, and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the relationship between the Father and the Son. Thus, the relationships within the Holy Trinity are more closely connected to the way woman was created than to the way man was created. As well, the first in thought is always the last in execution; thus, the thought of woman came before the thought of man. (In the words first, last and before, remember that we are speaking in καιρός (kairos) and not χρόνος (chronos).)

Woman’s power is in relationship. Ask any man what relationship has the most power over him. What will make him act? An honest answer will almost always be the weakness of a woman.

A man that takes advantage of a women most fears her father, her husband (brother(s)) and her son(s). While a woman may seem helpless, the men in her life may kill anyone that hurts her. This is all the power of relationship. These men are likely to do, for good or evil, anything she says.

Consider Mary and her relationships. Who is her Father? Who is her Son? Who is her Spouse? They are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the Holy, Undivided and Uncreated Trinity.

Would God give such power over Himself to a creature? He would, and did, because He created that creature perfectly and immaculately.