22 January 2014

Pro-Life & Our Lady of Częstochowa

The 40th March for Life in Washington D.C. took place today to mark the anniversary of the decision on Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973. Why was this date chosen to decided this historical Supreme Court of the United States (that’s SCUS, not SCOTUS) decision? I’m sure no one involved would admit it (that’s assuming  they were aware of it), but what would deter protesters from marking this date in D.C. more than inclement weather? (That’s assuming the First Amendment continues to be somewhat upheld without resorting to the Second Amendment.) Of course, inclement weather may not deter persons that believe in redemptive suffering, reparation and the crown of martyrdom.

Who knows the value of redemptive suffering, reparation and the crown of martyrdom better than Our Lady, Coredemptrix. She was responsible for the large scale conversion of the indigenous persons of this continent when She appeared at Guadalupe (although, Venerable Mary of Ágreda helped a great deal by bi-locating to the New World). The Franciscan missionaries were far from successful here until Our Lady appeared (not to mention very confused to find indigenous persons already catechised by a Blue Nun before meeting any missionaries). It was through the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe that the Aztecs were converted and the largest scale of human sacrifices came to an end.

Abortion can be called a human sacrifice; however, it is not normally done in association with a religious rite in the same way the Aztecs killed men, women and children to appease their gods. Although, what gods are being appeased by abortion? Money? Sexual “freedom” (enslavement)? Self?

Of course, appeasing this last god, self, is the real reason for the Roe v. Wade decision, but not the self of the persons intimately involved in the abortion. This self is the genetically superior. Roe v. Wade was primarily about eugenics, which is the whole reason Planned Parenthood was founded and continues today. Our Lady of Guadalupe was the answer to the human sacrifices of the Aztecs, perhaps She will be the answer to eugenics as Our Lady of Częstochowa.

Our Lady of Częstochowa is very dearly loved by persons of Polish and Ukrainian heritage, both of whom suffered greatly at the hands of the Soviets. A key person in the fall of the Iron Curtain was a Polish pope, who will soon be canonized a saint, Pope John Paul II. It was Pope John Paul II that coined the term Culture of Death, which includes the abortion agenda. It was also under his pontificate that the Third Secret of Fátima was made public. Our Lady said in the Second Secret of Fátima that the errors of Russia (i.e. Communism) would spread unless we devote ourselves to Her Immaculate Heart and make reparation; specifically, the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. One of the errors that has spread from Russia is abortion, particularly with the goal of eugenics.

It is wonderful that the Russian Orthodox, in cooperation with others, brought an icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa to the March of Life in D.C. this year. The pro-life cause is a great opportunity for all Christians, particularly Moscow and Rome, to be united.

Incidentally, today also happens to be the anniversary of Ukrainian independence in 1918. (The Fátima apparitions took place in 1917.)

You may also like to know that St. Luke, the author of the Third Gospel, may have painted the original image that is now known as Our Lady of Częstochowa on a cedar table top from the house of the Holy Family.