08 May 2014

Uninspiring Catholics on Pro-Life Issues

I was very disappointed that I wasn’t able to go to the March for Life today because I was feeling a bit under the weather. In lieu of going, I offer this blog post regarding an uninspiring attitude some Catholics have concerning life issues.

I’ve come to expect comments from secular culture to disregard life issues as not all that important or even to have a negative opinion inline with the culture of death. Such comments don’t bother me too terribly much as they are of the world; however, when I hear comments like this from Catholics, I find it very disturbing.

A common comment is that we Catholics shouldn’t force our morality on others. This is utterly ridiculous as Catholic morality is based on natural law and any deviation from it is bad for humanity, regardless of one’s religion. Aside from that, the object is not to force morality but to teach morality as morality cannot be forced since doing so will only result in rebellion.

A particular comment I remember was during a homily given by a priest. He said it was wrong for pro-life protesters to bring their young children to rallies with shirts that say, “Thanks mom for choosing life.” His argument was that the children wouldn’t be aware of the issue their shirts are speaking on, and so these children were being unethically used by their parents. He then went on to say that this is actually a violation of the pro-life message, which is a fight against use of others.

He was kind of correct in that the pro-life message is a fight against using others by killing them, and even using others for sexual pleasure without consequences; however, the assertion that these parents are using their children for the pro-life cause is very misguided. The same argument seems ludicrous if you substitute a hockey jersey for a pro-life shirt. Many parents think it’s important to teach their children what hockey team to cheer for; however, a correct morality is infinitely more important. If a child grows up with the attitude of wanting to wear a shirt that says, “I wish my mom had chosen an abortion,” there may be a question as to how effective their parents taught their morality to that child. Failing to teach a correct morality to one’s children by letting them grow up and choose for themselves is more neglectful than failing to making sure they learn about math and grammar.

Another type of disturbing comment I’ve heard from Catholics is an argument that questions what help is available to the mothers that are forced to keep their babies by pro-lifers. Of course adoption doesn’t force any mother to keep her baby, but such comments deny all the work some do to help such mother’s keep their babies.

One such group of persons doing such work are the Sisters of Life, who may hopefully be brought to the Archdiocese of Edmonton. Before that happens, we need to establish the Co-Workers of Life in the Edmonton Archdioceses. There is some all day training coming up on October 4th in Edmonton for the Co-Workers of Life. Watch this video and think about it. If you’re interested, register for the training.