22 June 2014

My Indulgence for Today

I was hoping to visit the church I was baptized in today, but since I am 2000 miles away, that is impossible. Last year, there was a plenary indulgence granted for visiting the church you were baptized in during the Year of Faith. My friends thought it was pretty funning after the Tridentine Mass last year when I said I couldn’t go out with them for brunch because I was going to the church I was baptized in to gain a plenary indulgence. The reason they found this humorous was because it is a Lutheran Church. If you do not understand the humour in this, Google “Marin Luther” and “indulgences.”

Another thing that is a bit humorous is that if the Tridentine Mass were celebrated in my hometown, it would be far easier and natural to celebrate it in this Lutheran parish than in the Catholic parish. In many respects, I became less liturgically orthodox when I converted to Catholicism. Actually, the unorthodox practices of many Catholics were a major hindrance to me becoming Catholic. It was more the history and official documents of the Church that convinced me of the truth of Catholicism rather than the witness of Catholics. (In truth, it was Our Lady that convinced me while praying the Rosary.)

I was a bit disappointed when I realized I’d be 2000 miles away this Sunday as it’s only the rare anniversary that falls on a Sunday. Of course I was baptized on a Sunday, exactly three weeks after I was born, but it is only when my anniversary falls on a Sunday that I can attend a church service on this day in the church I was baptized in. Nonetheless, I did gain a plenary indulgence by renewing my baptismal promises today.

I renewed these promises with a devotion I was inspired to develop during the Great Jubilee Year of 2000. It was the promotion of the Jubilee indulgence that I began to investigate what indulgences were available to us and how to gain them. The devotion I developed is call the Chaplet of Belief and can be obtained by clicking on its title.

Since today is the Feast of Corpus Christi (Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ), a plenary indulgence can be gained by recite the Tantum Ergo; although, I’d prefer to chant it.

I have another post to read for more information on indulgences.