09 October 2014

Displeasure with LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn will not allow me to post updates exceeding the maximum length of 174 characters, I am posting my update here so that I can post a link to it in LinkedIn.

At the risk of being penalized by the management of LinkedIn Corporation, I would like to voice my displeasure with this website. In attempting to configure LinkedIn as a potentially useful professional tool last spring (or late winter), I unexpectedly and accidentally gave LinkedIn my entire gmail address book, to my great embarrassment. I was not particularly happy about this, and as a professional computer programmer, I attribute this to incompetence (for sake of charity, I will not attribute it to malice) on the part of the developers of the LinkedIn website. Given a number of contacts in my address book for which a LinkedIn invitation from me would seem quite unprofessional, it seems my use of this website as a useful professional tool failed in this respect.